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Joint Venture Marketing - Rod Beckwith

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Hi, my name is Rod Beckwith and I want to help you do
deals. Not just any deals, but Joint Venture deals. If you
are a list owner, product maker or broker, I can assist you
in finding the deals that you have been looking for. Best of
all, it costs you nothing to sign up for my service.

But first, let me give you a little background on me.

I have been pretty much a techie most of my adult life. I
started off a as a telephone and data technician, which
means I spent a lot of time hooking up wires to peoples
computers and phones mostly in big computer companies such
as Hewlett Packard, Apple & Silicon Graphics to name a few.
I have been actively using the Internet since 1988.

In 1994, my worklife changed very drastically. I had always
done side work to make extra money for the nicer things in
life, but this time I was to get an opportunity that helped
get me to where I am today.

You see, I was one of the first people to help start a
little company called at that time… Mosaic Communications
(Later Netscape due to a pending lawsuit from NCSA) I was
working during the day @ Silicon Graphics, then at night I
would work at Mosaic. This went on for several months before
I was actually hired. So, even though I was the 12th person
there, I was employee #44 due to some pending legal issues
with SGI threatening to sue Jim Clark if he siphoned off
anymore talent from them.

Around the same time I co-founded a little ISP Internet
Systems Inc. which later would become what was Global
Center. Our first customers where names like Yahoo!, Playboy
& Pac Bell Interactive. My partners and I sold this company
for a tidy sum, but not before making many friends and

Mosaic/Netscape/ISI was one of the most exciting times in my
life due to the fact that is was I, not Al Gore that was
helping create the Internet. ;->

This stint of employment set me up to found and help found
many other successful ventures…and some not so successful.
But all and all, very valuable experiences. Ones I wouldn’t
trade for the world.

Throughout the years I have made vast contacts and friends
in the Internet arena. So I decided after analyzing my
options that doing deals is what I really like to do.

Putting two parties together that don’t know each other, but
should. One party has the customer list that they have a
good relationship with and the other party is the product
owner which wants to get his/her product out there without a
huge unecessary advertising budget.

I put together deals that are win-win-win.

If you are a:
# List Owner
# Product Owner
# Broker

Please contact me so we can explore the possibilities.


Rod Beckwith

PS – Many more items will be added to this website in the
coming months, so come back often. Articles, books, success
stories, tips, tricks and much more coming your way.
I put together deals that are win-win-win.

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Len Wright October 25, 2011 at 10:33 am

Hi Rod,

I would like to connect with you and explore how we may be of mutual benefit to each other. I have been studying and doing joint ventures for 20 years and still act as a broker today. I am always on the lookout for great JV talent, other connectors basically :)

My JV site is

Check it out and I hope to hear from you, Rod. Love to create a great deal together :)


Len Wright
Skype: len.wright3

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