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Some Joint Venture Marketing Advice

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Some Joint Venture Marketing Advice

by admin on October 19, 2009

At any rate, getting JV partners these days is a bit more
challenging that in years gone by. It is highly competitive
and many of the marketers out there are getting many
requests for JV‘s weekly, sometimes daily. If you are trying
to get the attention of the larger marketers, it has been my
experience that you really need to come up with something
very unique to get them to move.

Just sending the standard, “I will give you 50% of my whiz
bang product” is not going to cut it. You must have
something other than a product and a little profit for it to
be interesting to a larger player. Also, sometimes doing
something unusual to contact them is in order as well.
Everyone gets too much email these days and it is VERY easy
to be overlooked in the mass of stuff that comes in….so
your job as a would be JV partner is to be clever in your

Whatever you do, DON’T send a blind email out to dozens or
hundreds of marketers unless you have compiled some kind of
personal introduction for each person. The quickest way to
the trash box is sending out blatently form based email. I
can spot one a mile away…..(Click…delete!)

Here are some techniques to contact potential JV partners:

[cbmage]joint venture[/cbmage]

1. The Phone – You wouldn’t believe how well this works.
Most of the time you can get your prospects phone number off
their website and if not, you can find it on a whois service
such as
2. Snail Mail – Getting a piece of mail or a FedEx package
is a sure fire way to get your message at least opened.
3. Fax – Yes, people still have them and use them, but
again, make sure it is personalized and not an obvious
broadcast looking piece.
4. Meet in person at Seminar – Pressing the flesh first hand
is a great way to make new contacts.

Now, there is another technique that is a bit more
expensive, but has worked like a charm for me in the past. I
call it “The Matrix Manuever”
I purchase a cell phone from a vendor like for $10-$20 and Fedex it to my
target JV partner with some simple instructions on how to
contact me to talk on my dime.

The bottom line of all of this is that you need to be
“different” than everyone else out there and stand out. Be
creative in your approach…here is an example of a
promotion that I did for my product “Clickbank Accountant”

You may have heard of a launch recently that went very well
for Andrew Fox. He did a product called “Dominating
Clickbank” FYI,
Clickbank Accountant
was a featured product in this training program. (Video #7)

Anyway, he had a JV contest for the top 10 sellers of his
product and each of those people received a prize for their
position. Once the contest was over, I simply grabbed that
list of partners and put together a deal that I thought they
would like to participate in a JV with me for Clickbank

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internet marketing advice November 2, 2009 at 3:07 am

Thanks for this one! Very nice and informative site.
Can you suggest other site with the same subject as yours?

admin December 4, 2009 at 8:13 am

Hi, yes, please look at my JV sites links above and to the right.


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